Making E-Commerce Heroes

Elikia is a platform where small business owners can optimize their eCommerce effort, without the need of spending a lot of money, without the need of being a tech savvy, without the need of spending a lot of time to manage and learn about how a new tool works. 

Headquartered in Belgium, Elikia was incorporated in 2021 with one mission – To help small business owners to drive more revenue through digital marketing.


Address :

Kon. Astridstraat 22

9470 Denderleeuw, Belgium



Here is how Elikia works

1) After you have created an account here, we will use your store name to generate an all-in-one platform offering a virtual storefront:

If you already own a domain from a third-party provider, you can use it for your Elikia online store so people who type your URL into their browsers end up on your site. You can use your third-party domain for your Elikia store by transferring it to Elikia or by connecting it to Elikia.

2) When your store makes a sale, Elikia sends you the invoice and the customer’s details, and the shipping of the parcel is done by you.

Start Your E-Commerce Business With Us & Earn Big Profits.